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Pushing boundaries, and bending rules.

The Zero-Ohm Multispeaker System is a passive device that interconnects between any amplifi­er and multiple loudspeakers without worrying about amplifi­er speaker loads, impedance and extremely long cable runs. The patented design eliminates the need for 70V and 100V transformers. This device allows you to connect 20,30,40 or more speakers in parallel to one amplifi­er. Up until now, the ability to connect multiple speakers in parallel was confronted by the issue of operating the amplifier at a safe nominal wattage. Although there are amplifi­ers that operate at 4 ohms and 2 ohms safely, any e‑ort to drive it below the rated resistance led to device failures. With this revolutionary invention, the rules have changed

Transforming the Laws of Sound™

  • Passive Unit. No external power source.
  • Reduce the number of amplifiers required as well as costs.
  • Connect to any amplifier without worrying about speaker loads, impedance and very long cable runs.
  • Maximum capacity of 4000 watts. Special orders can be made up to 10,000 watts.
  • Our product is rack-mounted but our core technology can be integrated into an amplifier for unique applications.