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Alpha Technologies Solution

Audio System with four independent zones for Restaurants.

This solution offers four zones with independent volume and source selection in each zone. With the Bose CSP series of DSPs offering an intuitive web interface for configuration as well as a customisable user interface for mobile devices over network. With Bose’s AmpLink connection, on a single CAT cable is used to transmit the 4 channels of audio from the DSP to the Bose P4300A amplifier for an easy install and clean equipment rack. The amplifier connects to the range of Bose speakers in each zone and each zone can also be controlled by the POE powered, networked ControlCenter digital controllers.


Also included in this solution, is the Cloud Bluetooth wall plate (Cloud BT-1FW) that will be mounted in the room as a local input. The wall plate also runs back to the equipment rack over CAT and is converted back to line level, analog audio by the Cloud FPA-1.

Equipment Used

Bose Professional

  • 1x Bose P4300A
  • 1x Bose CSP-428
  • 4x Bose CC-2D
  • 6x Bose DM3C
  • 2x Bose DM8S
  • 4x Bose DM6C
  • 4x Bose DM3SE


  • Cloud BT-1FW
  • Cloud FPA-1

Medium sized video conference solution with in-room PC and BYOD functionality

This solution offers users the ability to make use of the Video conference software on an in-room PC, or from two connection points on the table. The Alfatron Table Grommet (ALF-TG) is a simplified in-table connection with an HDMI and USB connection that provides for an easy Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) user experience. The Alfatron ALF-WU4K HUB is an HDMI auto-switcher, but with USB connectivity that follows the HDMI selection. This means that if you connect the HDMI and USB to your laptop, the in-room camera and audio system switches to your PC. The in-room peripherals of the solution consist of an Alfatron full HD PTZ Camera with USB connectivity, a Biamp Devio SCR-25C including an additional ceiling microphone with Beamtracking technology and self-calibrating setup. The system is enhanced with an additional Alfatron ALF-PA100V amplifier and four Alfatron ALFC-406 flush mount speakers. For the display, we propose an InFocus IN138HD projector with a 120” fixed frame screen from Grandview.

Equipment Used


  • 1x Biamp Devio SCR-25T
  • 1x Biamp DCM-1

 Alfatron Electonics

  • 4x Alfatron ALFC-406
  • 1x Alfatron ALF-PA100V
  • 1x Alfatron ALF-5X-CAM
  •  1x Alfatron ALF-WU4K HUB
  • 2x Alfatron ALF-TG


  • 1x InFocus IN138HD 


  • 1x Grandview PERM-EDGE120-HD WHITE

Alfatron Electronics Solution

AV distribution for sports bars and restaurants with multiple sources and displays, solved with the Alfatron ALF-IP2 AV over IP products.

This solution offers complete flexibility in terms of the number of sources and displays, and because of the decentralized structure, this number can be increased without changing the system. All the Alfatron ALF-IP2HE and ALF-IP2HD devices can be powered via POE or the supplied power supply. The Alfatron ALF-IP2 product range uses H.265 encoding to produce a 1080p60 or lower image depending on the display device used. Because the system uses unicast, a managed switch is not required and if a managed switch is used, it would not require any configuration.The system can be controlled with an iOS tablet and the VDirector app that is freely downloadable from the App store. This can be integrated by adding a Wi-Fi router to the above-mentioned network switch and connecting the tablet to the Wi-Fi network. The app allows users to easily route any source to display by dragging and dropping the live preview of the source to the display.


For more info on the Alfatron AV over IP products, please have a look at Alfatron Electronics Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTH2zpw54UQ


Training Room System With Remote Participants

This system is ideal for a training room with participants both in the room as well as participants connected over platforms like MS Teams and Zoom. The system provides a headset microphone for the presenter as well as a handheld microphone for Q&A sessions. The microphones are processed by the Biamp TesiraFORTE AVB VT4 and sent to the in-room speakers as well as the VC platform of your choice over USB. We also added the Alfatron ALF-12X-CAM for remote participants to be able to see the presenter and the rest of the training facility. Participants in the room can see the training material on the Grandview screen, projected onto by the InFocus projector.


Thanks to the Alfatron ALF-WU4K HUB, presenters and trainers can either make us of the in-room PC or their own Laptop. A single HDMI and USB cable connects the presenter’s laptop to all the above-mentioned peripherals in the room.


Boardroom Solution For Up To 20 People

This system consists of four Alfatron elements; the Alfatron 10X-USB2C camera (which can be swopped out for any of our USB enabled PTZ cameras), the Alfatron WMP4 wireless microphone system, an Alfatron PA100V 70V/100V compact mixer amplifier, and four Alfatron ALFC-406 in-ceiling speakers.


The Alfatron 10X-UBS2C offers a 10X optical zoom to cover any scenario or room setup. Up to nine presets can be stored and recalled with the supplied IR remote. This camera uses USB 2.0 to transport the Full HD image back to the in-room or BYOD PC.The Alfatron WMP4 wireless microphone system includes four microphone pods that can easily be moved around, depending on requirements, and a single USB connection from the controller. The controller also connects to the PA100V amplifier, which connects to the in-ceiling speakers so that the far side participants can be heard clearly. The WMP4 can also be connected to self-powered wall mounted speakers, or integrated into any existing in-room audio.


This system will require an individual USB connection to the camera, as well as the wireless microphone controller, but this can easily be grouped into a single connection by including a USB hub. Thanks to the Alfatron ALF-WU4K HUB, presenters and trainers can either make us of the in-room PC or their own Laptop. A single HDMI and USB cable connects the presenter’s laptop to all the above-mentioned peripherals in the room.

Equipment Used

Alfatron Electronics 

  • 1x Alfatron WMP4
  • 1x Alfatron PA100V
  • 1x Alfatron 10X-USB2C
  • 4x Alfatron ALFC-406

Boardroom Solution For Up To 12 People

In the Alfatron CMW102 packaging, you get a Camera that is mountable on a screen, or with an optional wall bracket, and two wireless speakerphones. The Wireless speakerphones are paired during the manufacturing process, so that privacy is ensured, and utilizes the 2.4GHz frequency band to communicate. The Speakerphones offer up to 10 hours use from a fully charged battery and can be used while on charge. And, with the USB-A connector, this can easily be charged with USB power sockets that might be integrated in the cable pop-up installed on the table. 

The Camera has a 120 pickup to capture the entire room, and this is also the single point of connection to the system. Simply connect the USB of the camera to your BYOD, switch on the microphones, and you are ready for your meeting.Each of the speakerphones offer a microphone pickup range of three meters. If both microphones are powered on, the system will automatically mix the microphone closest to the current speaker to help eliminate noise.

Equipment Used

Alfatron Electronics 

  • 1x Alfatron CMW102

Boardroom Solution For Up To 6 People

With quick installation time and an even easier to use system, the Alfatron SBUSB2C video bar is an all-in-one conferencing terminal. A Single unit installed under the in-room display, with a single connection to the BYOD PC. 

The camera is Full HD with a 120 field of view, which means that it would work in even wider rooms, or where participants are close to the in-room display. This is reinforced with an array of microphones to offer 180 pick up of participants in the room, and with the 8W built-in speaker, every detail will be heard from the far side participants.The Camera can also be physically panned and tilted for additional flexibility.

Equipment Used

Alfatron Electronics 

  • 1x Alfatron SBUSB2C

Simple Huddle Room Solution

In this solution, we suggest the Alfatron SALUT, which is an all-in-one conferencing system that is mountable directly on most displays with the integrated clip. This means that a single USB connection offers a Camera, Microphone, and Speakers to the BYOD laptop or PC connected to it. The USB connection also powers the entire device, for true single cable connectivity.

The optics of the camera is ideal for smaller rooms because of the 90angle of the camera. The built-in Microphone with Acoustic echo and Noise Cancelation, means that your conferencing guests can hear you clearly without distractions, and you can hear them clearly with the integrated 2W speaker.

Equipment Used

Alfatron Electronics 

  • 1x Alfatron SALUT