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AREC is a global company that designs, develops and sells innovative AV-over-IP solutions. AREC is committed to the integration and appliance of software and hardware, including signal capture and mixing, video/audio codec process, multimedia network streaming, and interactive communication technologies. AREC’s products are flexible and used throughout the world and across the wide range of markets such as school education, enterprise training, places of worship, meeting recording, surgical teaching, and government applications.

AREC’s AV-over-IP products have earned a great reputation for the outstanding innovation and reliable performance, making lecture capture, live streaming, meeting recording, and multimedia applications more productive and smart. AREC has an senior R&D team with leading technology and years of experience in research, design and production, covering fields like digital video streaming, network communications, electronics, mechanism, firmware, software design and system integration, showing high R&D capabilities of technology integration.