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an innovative audio electronics manufacturer specializing in interface accessories, mixers, amplifiers, signal processors and signal sources.

Rolls Corporation is a company specializing in audio electronics manufacturing. Products include signal processors, amplifiers, mixers, signal sources, and interface accessories.

Rolls began in 1989 when Marilyn and David O. Di Francesco introduced the HR100 amplifier, the HR11c Microphone Processor, the HR6x mixers, and the HR210 eq -all half rack at the New York AES Convention. David is well known and respected in the professional audio electronics industry, his first company still bears his initials.

RFX came into being in 1993 with the release of the MP128p MIDIBUDDY. Soon, this unit was followed by dual-function effects pedals, a volume pedal, and a wah/volume pedal. Bellari was born in the summer of 1995 with the introduction of the RP220 Dual Tube Mic Preamp.