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The WyreStorm Difference

We’re a leading manufacturer of award-winning Audio-Visual signal distribution and collaboration solutions for a multitude of different markets. WyreStorm is an expert in providing both innovative single-platform and hybrid methodologies.

WyreStorm solutions are Powerful. Reliable. Simple.

Developed to minimize system complexity with installer ready IT solutions for increased ease of integration and reliability, WyreStorm believes in offering exceptional performance for the best value and user experience.

At its root, AV over IP is a method of distributing audio, video, control signals and more over a standard IP Network. Initially the technology was used in a variety of ProAV applications due to its low bandwidth characteristics, compatibility with existing network infrastructures and cost-efficient scalability for large footprint arrays. To send HD video signals from a single source to an infinite number of screens, HDMI over Ethernet, also known as HDMI over IP, takes advantage of the existing Ethernet infrastructure.

Professional video over IP systems employs a standard video codec to compress the program material into a bitstream, then transmitted over an IP network as a stream of IP packets.

However, AV over IP technology has evolved to include low and zero latency transmissions, seamless switching and lossless video quality supporting 4K UHD, high frame rates, 4:4:4 and HDR to become an increasingly viable alternative to conventional AV transmission over distance technologies for both residential and commercial applications.