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Biamp is the world’s leader in networked Audio & Video Systems.

Biamp MRB-M-VT4-C
Certified medium room bundle with white ceiling microphone

This bundle provides a complete audio solution for meetings of up to 11 people, including everything required to outfit a conference room to enable clear communication in every meeting.

Incorporating Beamtracking® technology, our award-winning Parlé microphones latch onto the voices of meeting participants, allowing them to move freely around the space while remaining easily heard and understood. Designed to provide superior voice reproduction in conferencing environments, Desono C-IC6 loudspeakers deliver superior audio clarity for the entire room, while TesiraCONNECT and our unique single cable connection scheme allow installers to take advantage of configuration-free networking. In addition, the included pre-terminated category cabling gets meeting spaces up and running in half the time of competing systems. Our automated tools and intelligent signal processors ensure that room deployments are 100% consistent, making for a fully optimized collaboration experience in every space.

  • Rapid room installation and deployment

  • Custom AEC enhances remote participant experiences by removing unwanted echoes

  • Clear audio when multiple parties are talking

  • Noise Reduction to clear up rooms with noise sources such as air conditioning

  • Speakers tuned for voice reproduction in conference room applications

  • Ceiling microphone LED mute sync with UC software

  • Certified by Microsoft for use with Teams Rooms

  • Certified by Zoom for use with Zoom Rooms


Our flagship platform, Tesira is the leading integrated networked AV processing and distribution platform. Sophisticated, adaptive DSP is the core of what Biamp does and what Tesira delivers. Tesira SERVER and SERVER-IO are configurable I/O DSPs, while TesiraFORTÉ devices are fixed I/O DSPs available in different models optimized for specific applications. Rounding out Tesira DSPs are the TesiraLUX video encoders and decoders. All Tesira products can be configured and managed using Tesira software, helping you create the dynamic, efficient AV systems your customers need. With a single networked platform, Tesira truly is enterprise-wide media made simple.  

Biamp Devio delivers all of Biamp’s years of audio experience in a streamlined, automated and curated experience. Addressing the need for rapidly deployable and consistently excellent conferencing solutions, Devio eliminates programming and commissioning time without compromising on audio quality.

Leveraging Biamp’s unique technologies, Parlé Beamtracking® microphones track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room. This allows far-end participants to follow the discussion as it unfolds, creating a natural audio experience and breaking down barriers to truly collaborative meetings.

Biamp’s Parlé family of products deliver superior audio experiences while reducing programming, installation, and commissioning time. Our microphones and conferencing bars include automated features that greatly streamline setup and help lower equipment costs overall. With four 90° zones, Parlé products simultaneously identify and steer their focus toward talkers, allowing participants to move freely around a space without fear of not being heard.

With four 90° zones, our microphones can simultaneously identify and steer towards talkers, allowing participants to move freely around a space.


Parlé audio and video conferencing bars for small to medium sized rooms combine Beamtracking microphones, smart loudspeakers, advanced signal processing, an optional 4K camera with auto-framing, and Biamp Launch, our automated deployment and tuning technology, into one plug-and-play device that delivers a premium experience every time.


Cable-free collaboration in any space! Modena wireless presentation systems let you stop wasting time and start collaborating. Accessing a space’s AV equipment and sharing content with colleagues in the room or remotely has never been easier. 

With Modena, every laptop, tablet, or mobile device can both share screens with a display and receive content, resulting in more comfortable meetings. By eliminating impediments like HDMI cables, adaptors, and dongles, Modena brings out the best in BYOD.


Community loudspeakers are engineered to provide excellent acoustic performance, flexibility and elegant aesthetics for a diverse range of applications. World leading loudspeaker solutions for indoor and outdoor sound reinforcement. Our models offer exceptional features and benefits, designed to exceed the needs of your next project.


Desono loudspeakers are engineered for high speech intelligibility and full-range reproduction, making them ideal for business audio applications. Whether you need background music, foreground music, paging, or a combination, Desono loudspeakers will exceed your expectations. Our ceiling loudspeakers are designed to blend seamlessly into the background, while the stylish designs of our surface mount, pendant, and column loudspeakers complement a variety of room aesthetics.


Vocia is a highly reliable solution that provides excellent audio quality while managing all your paging, background music, and emergency communication requirements. It is powerful, scalable, and flexible, and can meet a facility’s needs well into the future. Vocia’s clarity and intelligibility are just some of the features that make this platform so special. Vocia not only gets messages where they need to go, but also ensures everyone can hear and understand those messages.


By adding an unobtrusive specially-engineered sound to a space, Cambridge sound masking solutions help solve speech privacy, noise distractions, and acoustical comfort issues in virtually any indoor environment, regardless of ceiling type.

Crowd Mics


Crowd Mics creates memorable and FUN experiences that increase engagement and excitement.

The free app empowers attendees with great participation features:


Their smartphone acts as a personal mic, broadcasting their voice to the room


Attendees can also participate real-time polling


If an attendee doesn’t want to talk, no problem! just submit a question via text.


Lets attendee know when its their turn to talk.