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Simplify your audio development

IP based audio processing modules with multitude of interfaces for simplified development of your products.



Versatile IP Audio Modules (IPAM)

Powerful and versatile codec (encoding/decoding), Linux based and programmable with a wide range of programming languages, including C++, LUA, Python. Featuring Quadcore Cortex™ A7 processor, USB, serial, digital I/O, WiFi, Mic+Line I/O. Barix can provide the IPAM400 OEM with a Yocto image with advanced firmware download and recovery functions. 



Wireless enabled module on OpenWRT

The QINO is a multi-purpose wireless enabled module built around the MT7620A Mediatek processor and the OpenWRT OS. Users can take advantage of the OpenWRT software integration and of the high performance CPU to effortlessly deploy wireless, security and VOIP applications. 

Customisation and labeling

Barix produces parts and devices that can be fully customized and labeled for the own product portfolio. Due to an excellent production management almost all products are eligible for customization. 


Barix Professional Services

While reliable hardware and flexible programming go a long way to serving an installation, sometimes you need that extra lift to bring the best out in each project. This is just one reason why Barix Professional Services was established.

The Barix Professional Service team brings more than 15 years of experience in audio, paging, VoIP and intercom application software and product development. Our reason for existing is to help shorten your time to market by providing fast, cost-effective and robust development services, and to deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

Barix Professional Services include software/firmware customization of Barix OEM and standard products as well as customized hardware developments. Whether developing a RAVA compatible door station interface for Crestron, a tunnel radio solution for Tiefbauamt Graubünden Switzerland or an OEM IP Audio Interface for Fortune 500 company Robert Bosch GmbH, Barix has always been successful in providing faster ways to market at very attractive cost.

Our in-depth industry and technical experience brings exceptional value to any project, and our team is fully committed to delivering robust solutions within scope, time and cost. Engage with Barix Professional Services today to discuss how we can efficiently fill the gaps in your product portfolio, and accelerate your time to market.