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Lightning fast designs for your unique spaces

With the new Biamp Conference Room Designer, arriving at the proper solution is as easy as 1,2,3. Create accurate designs and full equipment lists in minutes thanks to this new online tool.


1. Set up your space

• Customize your room including size, acoustic properties, door location and ceiling tiles
• Specify the size, shape and location of tables
• Account for ceiling obstacles like lights or HVAC components
• Include multiple rooms in each design

2. Customize the solution

• Choose your microphone type
• Use heat maps to visualize coverage
• Choose to cover the entire room, or focus on the table

3. Generate the design

• The PDF document created contains everything you need
• Plan views of every room with in-room component locations
• A full list of all equipment necessary including part numbers
• Use it in quote or as-built documentation
• Comes fully formatted with a cover page, project and room names

Check it out now at: https://bia.mp/2TC90xK