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You probably know our partner Barix, a renowned manufacturer of IP audio devices. Their newest engineering innovation is a device that turns existing speakers into IP speakers. 

The new device is called IP Former, as it adds IP capabilities by replacing the 70/100V transformer traditionally used with analog loudspeakers. The PoE-powered device provides an all-in-one upgrade including an IP network interface; an audio stream decoder with a wide range of codecs; and an amplifier front-end for two- to eight-ohm speakers.

By simply replacing the transformers with IP Former units (see a video here), it is possible to continue using already-installed loudspeakers while easily and cost-effectively bringing them into the IP domain. Barix hopes to support customers’ eco-friendly initiatives by maximizing the lifecycle of their existing speakers.

IP Former is based on the powerful IPAM 400, Barix’s latest-generation IP Audio Module, and was built with three levels of IT security in mind. 

IP Former devices decode audio streams delivered via HTTPS, RTP and UDP in codec formats including PCM, AACplus V2, MP3, G.711, G.722, GSM, and Opus, with more formats coming. IP Former also supports SIP negotiation for direct calls from VoIP phone systems. 

At Alpha Technologies we see IP Former supporting applications ranging from background music and in-venue announcements to paging and emergency warning systems. 

Barix’s powerful customization layer enables system integrators to implement unique requirements on IP Former, such as using their own platform to trigger the playout of messages stored locally on the IP Former device.

A neat and easily-understandable configuration tool (video of the interface) runs on each IP Former unit and enables fast installation of entire multi-device zones at once.

By using IP Former in place of standard transformers, you have one feature-rich, expandable device that creates technically advanced IP speakers capable of running a multitude of solutions.

Move toward an all-IP audio future with the launch of IP Former.

It’s deliverable as of today and can be ordered at info@alpha-tec.co.za