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Bose F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker

Powerful, standalone sound that flexes to meet your coverage needs — the Bose F1 Model
812 is a 1000-watt, full-range loudspeaker featuring Bose Flexible Array technology. At the
heart of the F1 is a 12-inch woofer nested behind an array of eight high-output drivers
These nine speakers are supported by a lower crossover point than conventional
loudspeakers — to give full voice to your sound and deliver clearer, more natural vocals and
midrange clarity, even at high volumes. And you control the vertical coverage pattern. So,
wherever you’re playing, you can adapt the PA to match the room. With the Bose F1 Model
812, your sound stands alone.


LEX array: Bose exclusive flexible baffle can be configured into four unique shapes,
allowing you to choose the best possible coverage pattern for the application

Eight-driver mid/high line array: Eight vertically mounted drivers, each mounted on a
custom waveguide, help deliver wide, consistent coverage

12-inch LF driver: High-performance woofer provides strong low-frequency output.

2-channel integrator mixer: 2 inputs with independent level controls accommodate
XLR, 0.25-inch and RCA connectors